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Nominations that are approved by the Council are forwarded to the Governor for formal appointment.

Council meetings occur every other month with an annual retreat held in June of each year. Our annual schedule is found on the Schedule of Events page.

As a member of the ICC, you play a very important role within committees and the Council as a whole. You bring expertise, knowledge, skills and personal stories to be shared in assisting the lead agency in the development, implementation and evaluation of the West Virginia Birth to Three system. Members are expected to come to each meeting prepared and ready to participate to the fullest.

One of the most significant contributions that each council member makes is that of representing a constituency. The role of each member is advisory and assistance, not advocacy. To advise means to give advice, inform, counsel, recommend, suggest or guide. To assist means to help, support, second, attend or aid. To advocate means to support something, plead your case or position, favor a position or argue. Each ICC member should try to reach out to get the perspective of their stakeholder group on critical issues discussed at ICC meetings. Your peers on the Council and Council leadership and staff can assist you in facilitating ongoing communication between yourself and the public.


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